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History of World Cup

The FIFA World Cup or stands for World Cup is he biggest football tournament in the world held every-four-years. If football is the king of all sports, World Cup is the king of all football tournament.

At every World Cup event, we can see the best national team of football which has valid within 4 years. Because it’s international competition among the football national team, all locals and fans of football expect and welcome this event warmly. Estimated there are about drawing billions of fans and viewers following from TV or the Magazine.

In this article, we continue to discuss major events about history of the biggest football tournament in the world. From some previous article, we have ever referred the reason why World Cup was established naturally and so fast. It’s the most remarkable to adjust to new period of World Cup in 1950 when this event started after the II War.

The forth World Cup in 1950

Overcoming chaos or accidents in the Europe the 4thWorld Cup was held in 1950 at Brazil so that they could be far from the war from the Europe. The comeback was expected the most after many years in delays.

Due to the actions in the war and political reasons, Soviet Union, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Argentina refrained from this tournament. France and India also withdraw as if being excluded. Finally, there were total 13 teams in participating.

According to the rule of World Cup 1930, total 13 teams were split into two group. Out of four groups of winning had the ticket to go to final stage.

All matches were played in six cities with six stadiums accordingly. The host country were serious to follow the tournament by building a new stadium- Maracana Stadium with estimated capacity about 200,000 viewers.

Finally, Brazil, Spain, Sweden and Uruguay met each other in the final round. At the last game, Brazil defeated Uruguay to become the Champion for the tournament.

History of World Cup

World Cup FIFA is the biggest football festival in the world. It is only held once every four years, so it becomes interesting and loved by both fans of footballs and normal spectators.

Although World cup has been well-known widely, rarely people can know detail about history of this event. In this article, we continue to share basic events about growth of World cup.

If in the previous article, we have ever referred to reasons why setting up a football festival as well stories about the first World cup. Now, let us share other events about history of World cup.

The second time in 1934

The second took place in June 1934 in Italy with total 16 football teams. This event was arranged by Benito Mussolinis party.

There were many drama stories related this event. It was the match between Italy and Austria, the coach had dinner with referee Ivan Eklind in Swedish. Then people saw a few decision favored for the Italians.

Even Ivan Eklind was voted as referee in the finals while plan was one Belgian referee before.

All arranged stories affected to quality of the event.

The World cup in 1938

After a qualification with 37 teams, the 3rd World cup was held in France with 16 teams in final rounds. People said that this event was dominated by European nations because there were 13 in total 16 teams from European.

This was the first time Indonesia who was in Asia could join this rounds. It made exotic for anyone in Asia.

In the final, Italy was against Hungary. After that, two people Gino Colaussi and Silvio Piola in Italy got 2 goals to make final decision that Italy became winners. The also became the first team had two continuous titles in World cup.

However, effect of 2nd World war so this event was delayed until 1950.

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