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Major history of European Championship

In this article, we continue to pass some major events of the European Cup which is one of the biggest football festivals in Euro.

If anyone is fan of football, you can’t miss any league of European championship because this event collects top the best clubs from other nations in the West.

In the former article, we refer the origin of European Cup as well meaning of this name.

Now, we discuss some format changed through per season.

As introduced, European Cup was founded in the first time in 1960 at France. 

From 1960 to 1976 seasons:

The rule was the same when there were total three matches in one tournament phase. It consisted of one match in semi-finals, one match on third place game and one final match. 

So, lead time of one tournament was short.

1980 season:

Two highest score teams in the round met in the finals. And the second highest score teams met in third-place match.

There was no semi-finals to be organized. It meant there was no title for the 2ndbest team.

1984-1992 seasons:

There was two group split and played in the table rounds. Finishing it, there were two highest teams in per group to go the semi-final and final match. This was knockout stage to find the winner.

1996-2012 seasons:

There were 4 groups split. Then finding two best teams of per groups to go the quarter-finals, then semi-finals and one final match.

2016 season until now:

There were 6 groups split. Depending on the goals and scores, there were two or three teams in advance to go the knockout stage.

They continued to meet in round of 16 teams, then quarter-finals, semi-finals and one final to find the winner.

Above all nations in the European Cup, Germany and Spain are the two most successful football teams with three times for Championships.

Major history of European Championship

One of the most famous football events in the world is the European Championship. 

In general, the European Championship has a full name as the UEFA European Championship. However, some people confuse with the European Cup. Actually, they are different tournament.


According to survey of FIFA, frame and reputation of the European Championship is the next to World Cup when they own top the best prestigious teams to join. All players come to the European Championship with the largest target for winning. They consider it looks like compulsory job need to reach in pro football career.

To understand more information about this tournament, following our analysis about major history of the European Championship.

Origin of the tournament

The first championship was established in 1980 with being present of 4 teams, including in Czechoslovakia, France, Soviet and Yugoslavia. Then it was expanded with more teams in the next tournaments.

However, the idea was inspired from Henri Delaunay in 1927s. He proposed to organize a football festival for the European as a way to connect people in there to become friendly and supportive. Until 1960, his proposal was approved then 1980 started the first championship.

To honor his contribution to this tournament, the first trophy was named after him. It was also called “the Henri Delaunay” trophy.

In the trophy, there was a figure of a dynamic boy in the behind with the words

“Championnat d’Europe” and the front with the words “Coupe Henri Delaunay”. Any team can win the champion, they should be engraved name of country on the back.

Through series of tournament, the trophy was be rebuilt and redesigned to become more sophisticated and fashionable. In 2008, the federation decided to restore the first trophy to make it more modern like new trophies in the recent time.

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