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History of Manchester united (Part 1)

Manchester United is considered as one of the most prestigious football clubs in the UK as well in the world. They are called with nickname as “the Red Devils” when they have ever reached series of successes and achievements.

They succeed in both the domestic competitions like the Premier League, the FA Cup and international leagues like UEFA Champions so on.

This is the reason why MU owns a big number of fans from all over the world.

Now, we share some major histories during the growth of this clubs since establishment until now.

History of the host city

In the past, Manchester was one of the most growing cities in the UK through achievements of the Industrial Revolution. So, almost industries were developed strongly at there.

This was the great environment to play and develop sports.

Since the 19thcentury, football became popular in the UK as a daily sport. All walks of life loved and enjoyed this game comfortably.

So, this was impact and condition to create football clubs.

In 1878, the Manchester United FC was established under the initial name Newton health L&YR football club because L&YR meant Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company which sponsored for this team.

Among there were some clubs also organized in Manchester city like the Manchester football club was founded in 1890. They joined the FA Cup in 1870.

Among there were some clubs also organized in Manchester city like the Manchester football club was founded in 1890. They joined the FA Cup in 1870.

Until 1892, they played the Football league in the first time. However, they were relegated after two continuous seasons. When they were risky to bankrupt, they were recovered by a lot of local businessmen who sponsored and became managers of this club.

In 1902, the owners renamed it as Manchester United. Then this name could be existed and well-known until now.

In 1908, MU could become winners for the English league title. The following year won the FA Cup. These events remarked stronger development of this club.

Top 10 largest football clubs, the most popular in the world

Which team do you think of when you mention the club with the most fans in the world? Is that your favorite team?

Here are the top 10 biggest clubs in the world, and the number of fans.

1. Manchester United

Manchester United is the largest and most successful club in England. This is also the team with the most fans in the world. According to estimates, there are 750 million fans favorite.

2. Real Madrid

The Spanish team ranks second on the list, and ahead of rivals Barcelona, ​​which has about 350 million fans worldwide. The club is valued at nearly £ 3 billion and a turnover of £ 589 million annually.

3. FC Barcelona

Worth nearly 3 billion pounds and annual sales of 566 million pounds, FC Barcelona ranked 3rd in the list. With 450 million fans worldwide, this team has an impressively global reach.

4. Chelsea FC

Chelsea reached the top 4 on the list. The club has 145 million fans worldwide. Worth more than 1.5 billion pounds and sales of 347 million pounds annually.

5. Arsenal

Arsenal, one of the biggest English football clubs and the most successful club in London. Arsenal currently has 125 million fans in the world. The team is valued at more than £ 1.5 billion with a turnover of £ 426 million.

6. Liverpool

Liverpool, the Mershireide Red Devil is in 6th position. With more than 100 million fans worldwide and a club value of about 1,167 billion pounds, Liverpool is the second most successful club of English football.

7. FC Bayern Munich

This is the largest and most successful team in Germany. With 45 million NHM worldwide, the club has the 4th highest revenue, 514 million pounds.

8. Juventus

In a new study, Juventus is currently the most popular club in Italy. With a value of just over 1 billion pounds and a total of fans in the world of 27 million, Juventus is in 8th place.

9. AC Milan

The Italian giant has seven European Cup trophies, having dominated Italy in the 1990s. Financial problems, accusations of match-fixing and poor domestic performances, have led to a decline. shot of AC Milan. The club has 95 million fans worldwide, valued at £ 646 million and revenues of £ 186 million.

10. PSG

PSG (Paris Saint Germain) is the only French club to make the list, but this is not surprising. The club has 35 million fans worldwide, valued at £ 990 million and a turnover of £ 425 million annually.

Above is a list of the top 10 most popular big clubs based on statistics. Of course, each of us has a certain appreciation and wants the club we admire to make this list.

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