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Juventus football club’s ambition to dominate Europe

The Juventus football club has gone through a very successful transfer with the signatures of Cristiano Ronaldo, Emre Can, Joao Cancelo and the return of Leonardo Bonucci from AC Milan. So this season Juve will still be the ultimate power in Serie A 2018/19, which is a certainty.

This season, the fact that Juve continues to make Italy kneel is a prospect that does not make too many people doubt. With a force superior to the rest, and the stability of the club management system, the Juventus football club will go beyond just the Serie A championship.

The Juventus leadership, particularly President Andrea Agnelli, aims to give Juve the championship in all the competitions they attend, Serie A, Coppa Italia and especially the UEFA Champions League, which is grounded and they can do it. Juve is brave in setting goals, because they have recruited an official contract with Cristiano Ronaldo that has changed the face of not only themselves but also Serie A.

The appearance of Ronaldo not only raised the brand value of Juventus to an extremely high level, but also directly affirmed his ambition to dominate and rise to the level of “Super Club”.

Not many people, even the Juve leadership itself, can imagine that after 5 years Ronaldo will come to Juve, but everything came true when CR7 arrived at Juve, with all the fame and thirst. The desire and reputation of a superstar can bring Juve back to the top of Europe.

Ronaldo is the perfect type of player to work hard and train. CR7 may not have been born as a genius like Messi, but tens of thousands of hours in the gym, persistent training on the training ground and scientific nutrition system have turned Ronaldo into the perfect model with a good performance in general, not just football.

The Juventus football club this season lost Gonzalo Higuain this summer with the exchange of Leonardo Bonucci with AC Milan. But that will be unharmed when Ronaldo is here, ensuring Juve success on all fronts, from commercial to grass, just like he did with Real Madrid over the years.

Top 10 most expensive sports clubs in the world

According to the newly released list, Real Madrid is currently top of the top 10 most valuable sports clubs in the world with a valuation of about $ 3.26 billion.

Forbes magazine has published a ranking of the world’s most valuable sports clubs. In this list, in addition to football clubs, there are also basketball, rugby, baseball clubs … Real Madrid, the famous football club of Spain, has held the No. 1 position. with a value of about 3.26 billion USD. Compared to the previous year, the value of the Royal team has decreased by 5% due to the 2015/16 season without a title.

Real Madrid’s rival, Barcelona, ​​is in fourth place with a value of about $ 3.16 billion. In 2014/15 season, Barca was very successful with a treble triumph: La Liga champion, Copa del Rey and Champions League.

Premier League, the national championship is considered as an attractive tournament with only one representative in the top 10, that is Manchester United. The red half of Manchester is valued at about US $ 3.1 billion. The other big names of English football such as Man City, Chelsea and Arsenal are only in the modest rankings of 29, 31 and 36 respectively, but the increase in television royalties applied from the 2016/2017 season maybe will make NHA’s clubs increase in value in the following years.

 The defending champion of the Bundesliga Bayern Munich is valued at $ 2.35 billion, ranked 10th and it is also the last representative of football currently in the top 10.

In rugby, there are two representatives of the Dallas Cowboys rugby club in second place with a value of about $ 3.2 billion. And the New England Patriots football club is valued at $ 2.6 billion, ranked at No. 6. Along with this position with the value of $ 2.6 billion is the Los Angeles Lakers Basketball Club.

List of Top 10 most expensive clubs in the world according to Forbes:

1. Real Madrid (football): $ 3.26 billion

2. Dallas Cowboys (rugby): $ 3.2 billion

2. New York Yankees (baseball): $ 3.2 billion

4. Barcelona (football): $ 3.16 billion

5. Manchester United (football): $ 3.1 billion

6. Los Angeles Lakers (basketball): $ 2.6 billion

6. New England Patriots (rugby): $ 2.6 billion

8. New York Knicks (basketball): $ 2.5 billion

9. Los Angeles Dodgers (baseball): $ 2.4 billion

9. Washington Redskins (rugby): $ 2.4 billion

11. Bayern Munich (football): $ 2.35 billion.

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