With just being in the starting line-up of Real Madrid in the match against Valencia, midfielder captain Sergio Ramos has just played the 606th match in the Spanish shirt for Spain.

1. Raul Gonzalez

The player, nicknamed Lord of the Rings, has the most games for Real Madrid with a total of 741 matches, including 550 in La Liga and 132 in the European Cup. After 16 years playing for Real, Raul broke up at the end of the 2009/2010 season and moved to Germany’s Schalke 04 club then ended his career playing in the colors of the New York Cosmos Club in the US Professional League.

2. Iker Casillas

The legendary goalkeeper of Real Madrid and Spain has the second most number of matches in Real history with 725 matches in 16 years playing for Real from 1999 to 2015. Casillas has had 510 games in La Liga and 152 matches in the European Cup alongside other tournaments. At this time, goalkeeper Casillas is still the person who plays the most matches in the European Cup for Real Madrid. Casillas is still playing top football in Portugal’s FC Porto shirt.

3. Manuel Sanchís

In 19 Sep 1998, Manuel Sanchis of Real Madrid was in action during a match against Barcelona in Madrid, Spain. The game ended in a draw 2-2. Currently the person with the most years of Real Madird with 18 years from 1983 to 2001. Manuel Sanchís ranked 3rd in the list with 710 matches for Real.

4. Santillana

Santillana was the top goalscorer of the Spanish Royal team in the 70s and 80s of the last century. He had a total of 645 matches for Real Madrid in 17 years wearing a white vulture from 1971 to 1988.

5. Sergio Ramos

As the captain of the current Real Madrid and also the only player in the Top 10 names to play the most matches for Real, he is still wearing a White Vulture. Ramos has a total of 606 matches for Real including 419 in La Liga, 84 in the King’s Cup and 87 in the European Cup and 22 matches outside the framework of the 3 tournaments. Ramos, a mature player from Sevilla, has moved to Real Madrid since the 2005 season and has quickly established himself in the Spanish royal team ever since.