4. Castlemaine Football Club

The Castlemaine Football Club was the second oldest football club in Australia which was formed in Castlemaine on June 15, 1859 just a few months after the Melbourne Football Club. The club was known with nickname Magpies and the team’s first official game was organised on June 22 on the Cricket Ground Barkers Creek – a week after it formed due to a delay in the arrival of the ball from Melbourne.
Proof of Castlemaine’s founding date was only discovered in 2007. The club joined the Bendigo Football League in 1925 and since then remains a part of that league.

3. Melbourne Football Club

The Melbourne Football Club is the oldest Australian football club and is one of the founding members of the Australian Football League. The origin of the team dates back to May 17, 1858 in Melbourne when members of the Victoria cricket team formed a loosely organized football team. The club is known with nickname Demons, Dees and celebrated its 160th birthday in 2018.
The following year, “The Rules of the Melbourne Football Club” was drafted which formed the basis of Australian football rules. The football club released a list of “150 Heroes” on its 150th birthday in 2008 and introduced special birthday logo on the official jerseys.

2. Cambridge University Association Football Club

According to Cambridge University, the Cambridge University Association Football Club is the oldest club; however, the club’s founding date is disputed and believed to either be in 1856 or 1857 in Cambridge, England with the nickname Blues.
According to certain sources, the club may date back further than 1856 as there were games played between football clubs from different colleges and universities at Cambridge in the 1840s. The Cambridge University Association Football Club received a special award from the National Football Museum in 2016 as the oldest football club in the world. Today, the club is member of BUCS Midlands Division 2A

  1. Sheffield Football Club

Sheffield Football Club is the oldest football club in the world officially recognized by FIFA and The Football Association of England (FA) dating back October 24, 1857 in Sheffield, England with the nickname The Club. Today, the club is playing under Northern Premier League – Division One South.