7. Ballarat Football Club

The Ballarat Football Club is another Australia’s earliest football teams with a history dating back to May 20, 1860 in Ballarat. Ballarat was once believed to be the third oldest non-universtiy football club in Australia with the nickname “The Swans”. Over the 60s and 70s, Ballarat engaged in social competition, then moved toward formal competition around 1874.

In 1886, Ballarat Football Club along with the Ballarat Imperial club and Ballarat South joined the Victorian Football Association and was one of the founding members of the Ballarat Football League in 1893.

6. Geelong Football Club

The Geelong Football Club was founded on July 18, 1859 in Geelong, Australia during a meeting held in the Victoria Hotel. The club is well-known with the nickname “Cats” and is the second oldest club in the Australian Football League and the fourth oldest Australian club in general. The club played its first match in 1860 and continued to compete in senior football competition over the following decade.

Tom Wills is one of the founding members of Australian rules football and played exclusively for Geelong from 1865 until his retirement in 1874. Geelong is one of the eight founding clubs of the Victorian Football League, which would later change the name to the Australian Football League.

5. Melbourne University Football Club

It has been argued whether the Melbourne University Football Club is the second or third oldest football club in Australia as there are no exact formation. Due to the most trusted source, the club’s first recorded match took place in June 1859 in Melbourne, Australia, around the same time as the Castlmaine Football Club’s first game. The club is known with various nicknames Students, Blacks, Blues, MUGARS.

The Melbourne university’s club competed in the Victorian Football Association from 1885 – 1888. In 1907, the eight founding clubs of the Victorian Football League voted to include Melbourne University as the league’s ninth team and currently, the club is member of Victorian Amateur Football Association Section A.