Many football clubs dated back to the late 1850s and 1860s claim that their team is the oldest; however, there are no actual proofs of that claims. Furthermore, another adding factor to the difficulty of determining the origins of football clubs is that many early rugby clubs also call their teams football clubs. However, this list consists of the clubs that are believed to be the oldest which were established at the same time and are still playing today.

9. Hallam Football Club

Hallam Football Club claims that it is the second oldest football club in the world, after the Sheffield Football Club, but many evidence showed that the club was actually established on April 20, 1860 in Sheffield, England with the nickname as the  Countrymen.

Hallam has always played on the grounds of Sandygate Road, which is the oldest football ground according to Guinness World Records. In 1867, Hallam team won the world’s first football tournament – the Youdan Cup. The cup is still with Hallam Club today after a period of time being lost and bought back from a Scottish antique dealer in 1997.

8. Cray Wanderers Football Club

It is widely believed that the origins of the Cray Wanderers Football Club dates back to between 1858 to 1860 when the construction of London, Chatham and Dover Railway line began. The workers building the railway are actually the very first players of the club. They played with a ball during their breaks and eventually formed a club in the St Mary Cray village, Bromley, England with the well-known nickname – The Wands. In the late 1800s, Cray Wanderers Football Club performed really well among various other amateur football clubs and entered its first Football Association Amateur Cup competition in 1893 – 94. The club was one of the founding members of the Kent League in 1894 – 1895 and members of the Isthmian League South Division today.