The Premier League is well-known as a professional and prestigious football event in the world. Although it is owned and organized by the English national federation, it is always highly appreciated to create good working environment for footballers. From this league, series of talented head coaches as well players are found out and brightened.

In this article, we refer some stories and origins about history of Premier League.

In 1985s, these English football clubs faced a bleak period when it was notorious for hooligans. Even, no football match was showed on TV because many disputes happened among clubs when they couldn’t agree about a deal.

Before this matter, some famous clubs discussed to create a newly independent league. 

As a consequence, the Premier league was launched in 1992 by the First Division of the Football League. Thefact, it was meaningful as a historical event to divide classes of all football clubs in the UK. 

Although the Premier league was not a part of the Foootball League, it played an important role to classify level of clubs. When finishing one Premier league, some worst clubs would move to the second level. And vice versa, some clubs with good achivements in the Foootball league would have oppurtunities to. Increase level to Premier League. This chance made more chances and strong willingness for teams to try the best so that they could keep a ticket in top the best clubs. If not, they had no right to join any tournament in international events like the Europe cup, the UEFA, so on.

Goal and strategy of the Premier League has been kept and maintained until nowadays. Through each season of this event, some clubs have been increased the first level or relegated into the second level. So, it is considered as one of the most toughest competitions in the world.